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Key Highlights for Chavakkad Educational District:

  • Has 93 High Schools, 3 Special Schools, 1 Kalamandalam Arts School, 2 Schools for the Deaf, and 1 Fisheries’ School
  • Geographically it claims having the widest area
  • Bounded by Perijanam in the South and Mayannur in the North
  • Gifted with both extensive coastal areas and also lofty highlands

The legend about the origin of the name 'Chavakkad' goes like this: Consequent on the arrival of Saint Thomas to this place and the later happenings, a lot of people who were enraged quitted the place, cursing it. Thus the place was named 'Sapakkad', which means 'the cursed forest'. Later this place came to be called 'Chavakkad'. Some others believe that the name 'Chavakkad ' came from cheval trees (the wild jungle, artocarpus hirsuta), which were in plenty there.

The Chakakkad Educational District has some very famous religious centres. It is a place where the people live in fraternity and harmony. As if to emphasize the tolerance and love of the people, the Education District has the world-famous Guruvayoor Temple, the ancient Church of Palayoor, reputed to be founded by St. Thomas, an Apostle of Jesus, and also the unique Manathala Mosque, with its ‘Chandanakkudam Nercha’.

It is a matter of great pride for the Educational District to have the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam founded by one of the greatest poets of Kerala, Vallathol Narayana Menon.
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